Unsafe At Any Speed: EMS and Fatigue.

I am past the point of being dangerous by the time I realize it. My vision has been blurry for the past twenty miles and I can feel my brain shutting down.

Jesus, did I just fall asleep driving?

I’m not sure, there seems to be a second or two of consciousness missing but we are still on the road so I don’t know. Even though we are just ten miles from the station on a return trip from a midnight transfer I throw in the towel and ask my partner “can you drive?” Continue reading “Unsafe At Any Speed: EMS and Fatigue.”

The Second Death of Marjorie Mangiaruca: The Unjust Culture of EMS Resuscitation.

The first time Marjorie Mangiaruca died was on October 10, 2011. She was 90 years old, suffering from significant dementia and living in a skilled nursing facility.


She was found unresponsive with blue lips, gasping for air at Oakbridge Healthcare Center. EMS was called and they quickly began to transport her to the ER. While en route they tried to establish an airway. Before a definitive airway could be established by EMS the patient suffered a cardiac arrest. The ambulance was pulled to the side of the road and CPR was begun and a tracheostomy* was performed. The patient was given medications to “restart her heart” ( I assume epinephrine, but I do not know) and for reasons that are unexplained she was given paralytics by the EMS crew. Continue reading “The Second Death of Marjorie Mangiaruca: The Unjust Culture of EMS Resuscitation.”

“No evidence of mistakes” is not the same as “evidence of no mistakes.” [1]

Bad paramedics are conspired against by others; they are a victim of circumstances beyond their control and are almost always wrongly persecuted by the QA department. Bad paramedics never make mistakes

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The Six Deadly Sins of EMS Continuing Education Presentations

If you are presenting EMS education at a conference please avoid the six following deadly sins.

Reading power point slides to the audience. No presenter should do this. Ever. If I believed in hell I would hope that there is a special place in the hottest part of it for presenters who do this. EMS is taught to the 10th grade level which means we can all read.

Having slides that suck. See figure one for an example. Few things in this world truly offend in the way a presentation that uses comic sans as a default font does. Additionally the use of WordArt should be kept to a minimum. When a presentation has more than a few slides using Microsoft WordArt there are two possibilities; the slides have not been updated since 2003 or the presenter has the kind of bad taste where they think Olive Garden is a really fancy restaurant (1).

(figure 1) If your slides look like this, you need to read this article.

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Can We Stop The Dark Humor Bullshit?

(Another Caffeine Fueled Rant)

I get it, I do. You want to feel like you belong and you want to be special, you want to fit in and be included. Playing the role of a hardened EMS veteran full of gallows humor makes you feel that way.

But the truly experienced EMS providers out there, we see through your bullshit and your internet posturing and your desperate wanting to belong. Trust me, we have seen things way worse than the crap you post on the internet and we don’t need to post memes about it. we don’t get any enjoyment about posting the “most twisted, sickest, darkest memes.”
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An Open Letter to JEMS

Dear JEMS Magazine,

I used to look forward to reading JEMS in print and on-line but lately you have been publishing some content, that there is no other way to put this, that is pure shit.

I’m not sure if the editorial board simply stopped caring or they are desperate for submissions, or both. You know the quote from Spiderman, the one about great power and responsibility? When you have a readership of 420,000 a month I think it applies here. [1]

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Resuscitation: Nuremberg

This is not a story of heroism.

Danse Macabre by Michael Wolgemutin

People stop you and thank you for the work you do, they tell you that you are a hero, that you save lives, how you are doing God’s work and that what you do is just and right and good. You politely shake their hand and tell them you are just doing your job. Some days you can barely stop yourself from telling them that you are a god damn fraud.

Once, you believed the world to be black and white; assured that you would be able to decipher right from wrong.  You were more idealistic then, perhaps even naïve; you thought saving people from death would always be the right thing to do.

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