Fear is The Mind-Killer.

Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.

Moments of terror alternating with calm acceptance. What can be done? Nothing? Do the best you can, the rest is out of your hands.

“It’s gon’ rain down like black hell.”

How much VUCA can you endure and still be calm? Remember – what would Marcus do?

Don’t believe yourself, there is always time to slow down and think.

Fear leads to system 1. System 1 leads to disaster. Check and re-check.  Trust no one, especially yourself.

Do you really know that or do you just think you know that? Buggy knowledge will take you all the way to the scene of the crash.

Now is not the time to “think so.” You must know it in and out. Chauffer knowledge won’t keep you safe anymore.

System 1 is always out there. Be careful. Defend. Mostly against yourself.

This is the Red Queen’s race.

Those who can adapt will persevere.

Most of your fear is about a future that is yet to happen. The present is actually not too bad right now.

Check another day off towards that 14-days to freedom (no, not that kind) and sign off for the night. Halfway there.

[Brain Dump Complete – thanks to Glen Danzig and one from Buffy for the accompaniment tonight. Will this continue? Tune-in. “]

God Damn: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r_9gZEMQ2No&list=PLrCDgKRSK58vTo5b2dZLaNVfVFLcPFD-R&index=57

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