What we do isn’t paramedicine.

It is medicine.

If we want a real seat at the table, we need to get comfortable with the idea that we provide medical care to patients, not anything else, and certainly not anything less. What we do as paramedics may be via a delegated practice model but make no mistake, we are in the business of providing medicine while transporting.

We provide medical care, not paramedical care.

Calling what we do “paramedicine” is meaningless sugar coating in an attempt at deference and trying to not step on toes. Saying we practice “paramedicine” is mitigated speech because we don’t have the guts to say what we do – medicine.

Why do we have such a collective problem saying what we do is medicine –  the same medicine that nurse, doctors and mid-level providers deal with? Until we can look other healthcare providers straight in the eye and say that we are medical providers and we provide medical care maybe we don’t deserve that seat at the table. Maybe we can just sit at the para-table. Continue reading

Ketamine: The Sex Panther.

Ketamine may do which of the following in a patient with shock:
A) Raise blood pressure
B) Decrease blood pressure
C) Not cause a change in blood pressure
D) All of the above

There are some misconceptions about ketamine, some EMS providers believe it will raise blood pressure, acting like a vasopressor. Ketamine is hemodynamically stable, until it isn’t,  like Sex Panther Cologne, “60% of the time, it works every time.”

sex panther
“Sex Panther by Odeon. 60% of the time, it works every time.”

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