We have entered the next age of medicine and are proud to present the release of EMS 4.0.

While we do offer our regrets regarding the brevity of the prior upgrade, the EMS 3.0 model was not optimized to achieve the cross-platform metrics that stakeholders demanded and will no longer be supported as of last week.

Rest assured that EMS 4.0 is both progressive and allows for enhanced marketability.

It is a bold new era with the release of EMS 4.0, the patented technology allows end-users to break free of the cycle of being needlessly constrained by things such as facts or evidence. Finally free of the burden of proving efficacy, or even any kind of tangible benefits, EMS 4.0 is sure to deliver the results you and your agency need in today’s emerging mobile healthcare solution marketplace.

Real time tracking of deliverables such “progressiveness” and “branding” with “social media indexing” are available at the touch of a finger. Fully integrated and seamlessly integrated with a patented data algorithm the end user is free to choose whatever non-meaningful outcomes they wish to utilize for increasing media exposure. Custom engineered quality assurance data measurement tools provide up to the minute heads-up graphic interfaces on important metrics including response time, carfentanil exposures and cardiac arrest save rates using ROSC-tech® algorithms.

Substitution of a compelling narrative is now recommended in lieu of demonstrating statistically significant effects. Included investigational deflection software is built in free of charge with each purchase. Breaches of the narrative fallacy will be monitored and the proprietary cognitive dissonance detection software will automatically alert you on your handheld mobile device.

If the existing systems for classifying levels of evidence are no longer compatible your new progressive paradigm, the answer is now easier than ever. Levels of evidence, (like many other things now) are fluid and adaptable to your platform. While traditionalists constrained by rigid and unchanging ethics  would posit it is disingenuous to create level IIB, in this new age they should heed the call and admire the courage that was displayed, giving accolades for the creativity utilized  to break free of oppressive system that values facts over individualism. The EMS 4.0 platform is now able to employ statistical regression to produce any outcome the PR machine may desire.

Utilizing our proprietary database the program is capable of generating media releases indexed by user designed keywords. Want to tell your community how your grant is going to save lives but the facts has yet to align with the narrative you need? The solution is here now, the solution is EMS 4.0

Look for the 2018 release of the following modules:
EMS 4.1: TPA for ground ambulance protocol and automatic live googlemaps integration that updates to twitter so users can plan their CVA around your schedule.

EMS 4.2: Mechanical CPR device with #ROSCblast technology that seamlessly publishes ROSC.  CPC scores are unable to be indexed at this time as they do not validate success with any mechanical CPR.

EMS 4.3: TXA and “tactical EMS” merchandising for integrated Ecommerce store now accepting bitcoin.

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