EMS 4.0.

We have entered the next age of medicine and are proud to present the release of EMS 4.0.

While we do offer our regrets regarding the brevity of the prior upgrade, the EMS 3.0 model was not optimized to achieve the cross-platform metrics that stakeholders demanded and will no longer be supported as of last week.

Rest assured that EMS 4.0 is both progressive and allows for enhanced marketability.

It is a bold new era with the release of EMS 4.0, the patented technology allows end-users to break free of the cycle of being needlessly constrained by things such as facts or evidence. Finally free of the burden of proving efficacy, or even any kind of tangible benefits, EMS 4.0 is sure to deliver the results you and your agency need in today‚Äôs emerging mobile healthcare solution marketplace. Continue reading “EMS 4.0.”