A Dear John Letter to the American Heart Association ACLS Class

Dear AHA ACLS Class,

It is time we end our relationship and see other people.  We both know that we have been just going through the motions for the past few years.


I wish I could use the cliché “it’s not you, it’s me,” but that would be lying. It is you. Continue reading “A Dear John Letter to the American Heart Association ACLS Class”


The Death of Socrates 

(Portions of this post previously appeared on an EMS facebook group, The EMS Mentoring Society)

Does your agency have protocols for treating and not transporting terminally ill patients?

Scenario: It is 3am early Tuesday morning when you paged to a male party in terrible pain.Mike Sanders is a 56 year old male* with terminal pancreatic cancer. He is gaunt and emaciated, probably weighing 120 lbs at the most; in short, he looks like a terminal cancer patient.

He is lying in a bed, moaning loudly and appears to be in significant pain. His sister tells you that she brought him to her house yesterday because he wishes to pass away in their family home where he grew up. She says he has been battling pancreatic cancer for 6 months and that she expects he has a few days or maybe a week at the most left. Continue reading

EMS: Save the Red Lights and Sirens! A primer on anti-intellectualism.

People are always mentioning about EMS having a seat at the table in health care. If you are like me, you don’t want EMS to have a seat at the table in some boring meeting with other health care professionals. But that is exactly  what some people want. They want us to be college educated and to never use our lights and sirens again. They  want us to do less for our patients in the name of science. When discussing issues about EMS  on social media here are some pointers to ensure that EMS never becomes seen as health care professionals and we continue get to do the things we all love like drive fast and use backboards. Continue reading “EMS: Save the Red Lights and Sirens! A primer on anti-intellectualism.”

Vinyl Wrapped Slacktivism

Sharpen up those pitchforks and round up your posse. It is time for some more unpopular opinions.

The “Tribute Ambulance” by Emergency Vehicles Plus (EVP) is nothing more than hero worshiping slacktivism. [1]
“Slacktivism can be defined as the act of showing support for a cause but only truly being beneficial to the egos of people participating in this so-called activism.”[2] Continue reading “Vinyl Wrapped Slacktivism”